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This team account is meant to fund the people who work on Liberapay: the developers of the free software that powers it, the translators, the community managers, etc. Please donate if you appreciate our work.

(Liberapay is the website you’re browsing right now. It’s a recurrent donations platform whose primary goal is to fund the commons, particularly free software.)


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Αποθετήρια 760 Ενημερώθηκε πριν από 1 εβδομάδα

Source code of the recurrent donations platform Liberapay 13 Ενημερώθηκε πριν από 7 μήνες

Lightweight Git Large File Storage fetcher written in python

payment-cards.js 6 Ενημερώθηκε πριν από 10 μήνες

A JavaScript module for credit card input handling


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